Jenny's Birthday Variety Show

Jenny Gorelick, Addie Weyrich
Photograph: Courtesy Mindy Tucker

Leading a new generation of well-adjusted, no-drama comedians in NYC’s golden age are Jenny Gorelick and Addie Weyrich, two theater goons with hearts of gold and a trick bag of of dance moves. At this bonkers monthly birthday party, the frighteningly upbeat goofballs go all out with songs, costumes, schtick and guests from the worlds of stand-up, musical comedy and drag. For the one-year anniversary blow-out, they're joined by a greatest hits roster including Dave Mizzoni, Zach Zimmerman, Matt DeCaro, Mary Beth Barone, Milly Tamarez, Larry Owens, Sydnee Washington, Karen Chee, Andrew Barbato, Kuhoo Verma, Community Dance Corps, Brian McHelaney, Gabe Gonzalez and Ziwe Fumudoh. 


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