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Amy Marcs
Photograph: Courtesy Juan Felipe Rangel Amy Marcs

In support of Avon 39: The Walk to End Breast Cancer, actress and voice-over artist Amy Marcs returns with a one-night-only performance of her solo show about surviving the big C (directed by none other than SOLOCOM co-creator Peter Michael Marino). With keen observations and ample humor, Marcs takes the audience through her journey of womanhood, body confidence and mortality.


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Amy Marcs is a brilliantly gifted, funny, talented actress...and she still has great tits! She held me and the audience captive with her beautiful, personal breast cancer story. I laughed, I cried, and the whole time I was rooting for Amy as she took us on a roller-coaster ride that ends in triumph. She finds the Comedy in Cancer. Who knew?

To be able to share a personal story with such poignancy and humor is truly a gift-- and Amy Marcs has that gift! Her play is truly inspirational.

I saw the Nice T!ts play in NYC and left with such a tremendous understanding of how a vibrant, beautiful person like Amy Marcs managed a very traumatic bout with breast cancer. Personally, I do not know how she can "hold it together" when doing this show. The show captures her personal experiences with cancer and all the thoughts that went through her head at the time. The content is so emotional that I cannot believe she can share it with such grace. 

I believe this is a "must see" show for any woman who has cancer and for every significant other (spouse or otherwise) whose partner has cancer. The lessons learned are remarkable. It is an entertaining show, even humorous at times, but more importantly great entertainment that changes the lives of every person who sees it. Strong recommend this show. 

Amy Marcs shares her story in a powerful way. She made me laugh...she made me cry, but ultimately I left the theater with a huge smile on my face... vicariously sharing in her triumph!

I have seen this show a number of times....."Absolutely Fabulous" What an inspiring story told by someone who has gone through all the ups and downs of this battle...and Amy has certainly come out on top!!!!!  She will make you laugh, cry, and and laugh some more.  What a wonderful story, you must see this.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by breast cancer, RUN, do not walk to see this show! How could anyone (let alone anyone as sexy as Amy Marcs) find the humor in breast cancer? I can’t tell you, but she’s done it! What an empowering show for not only women going through this, but also for their partners, their families and their friends. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll relate. Just go!

We've had the pleasure of attending twice to see the amazing Amy Marcs perform Nice T!ts.  She has such a great story to tell and done in such a humorous and heartfelt way.  I truly believe that this could truly be the next Vagina Monologues!  

What a wonderful piece of theater! It really did have me laughing then crying instantaneously. It was incredibly touching because it was very heartfelt and honest. Amy takes you on a very personal journey of her experience with Breast Cancer and it was not only eye-opening but inspiring too. 

This show is amazing. It is the perfect combination of being incredibly funny, deeply touching, inspiring, and informative all at the same time. It has you laughing, thinking, and crying.  Amy Marcs' performance is utterly beautiful. Please see it. You will not regret it.