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  1. Illustration: Alex Robinson
    Illustration: Alex RobinsonStar Wars Minute Holiday Special
  2. Austin Nelson
    Austin Nelson

    Wyatt Cenac and Donwill

  3. Photograph: Beau Allulli
    Photograph: Beau AllulliSkinny Bitch Jesus Meeting, Deena Domino
  4. Photograph: Zachery Wood
    Photograph: Zachery Wood

    Point Break Live!

Revisit Point Break, Star Wars, and more film and TV projects in these obsessive shows

Comics recontextualize favorite cultural touchstones with screenings, stage shows and podcast tapings

The show: The Star Wars Minute Holiday Special: Live!
The inspiration: The infamous 1978 TV event The Star Wars Holiday Special
How it gets used: It’s wildly overanalyzed by Pete “The Retailer” Bonavita and Alex Robinson of Star Wars Minute, the now-concluded podcast that devoted one episode to each 60-second increment of the George Lucas movie.
The result: Bonavita, Robinson and their comedian guests lovingly, obsessively dissect the campy holiday special, which featured a celebration of “Life Day” with Chewbacca’s family, plus a cantina bartender played by Bea Arthur.
The Star Wars Minute Holiday Special: Live! is at Parkside Lounge Wed 11.

The show: Shouting at the Screen
The inspiration: Blaxploitation flicks
How they get used: Classics of the over-the-top ’70s genre, including Cotton Comes to Harlem and The House on Skull Mountain, are heckled, MST3K-style, by Wyatt Cenac, formerly of The Daily Show, and Donwill of Brooklyn hip-hop crew Tanya Morgan.
The result: As the duo chats affably and off-the-cuff through their favorite and most absurd moments in the film, their audience kicks back, drinks beers and giggles as the funky soundtracks play.
Shouting at the Screen is at IndieScreen Thu 5.

The show:
The Underdeveloped and Overexposed Life and Death of Deena Domino
The inspiration: Reality TV, such as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers & Tiaras
How it gets used: Sketch duo Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting twists the stories of these young beauty queens into a larger narrative about the rise and fall of one exploited kid and her obnoxious mom.
The result: The title provides a clue about where Leah Rudick and Katie Hartman are coming from: Their show stretches already broad and ridiculous TV personas into even grosser and more overpowering caricatures.
The Underdeveloped and Overexposed Life and Death of Deena Domino is at the Peoples Improv Theater Fri 6.

The show:
Point Break Live!
The inspiration: The 1991 cult favorite, starring the dazed Keanu Reeves as undercover agent Johnny Utah and Patrick Swayze as holy surfing crook Bodhi
How it gets used: A cast reenacts the film in all its gonzo glory, scene for scene, with an audience member in the Johnny Utah role.
The result: A perfect treat for those who can’t stop saying “Vaya con Dios, brah,” the night turns loose and sloppy as fans get drunk, howl their favorite lines and wait for the 100-year storm in their rain ponchos.
Point Break Live! is at Littlefield Fri 6.
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