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Solo shows with character

Intriguing one-person pieces summon personages from this planet and others.

 (Photograph: Manuel Harlan)
Photograph: Manuel Harlan

Jake Broder

 (Photograph: Courtesy Monster Cable)
Photograph: Courtesy Monster Cable

Kelly Carlin


Erin Markey


The performer: Jake Broder in <em>His Royal Hipness Lord Buckley</em>

The character: ’40s and ’50s counterculture nightclub icon
Lord Buckley

How it works: For more than a decade, Broder has been faithfully re-creating the hypnotically highbrow bebop routines of Buckley, who wowed back in the day with jazzy, irreverent riffs about Jesus (“The Nazz”), among other subjects.

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22 Oct 2013

The performer: Erin Markey

The character: An otherworldly, yowling version of herself

How it works: Markey’s bold cabaret act matches original tunes or remade, ribald Top 40 hip-hop hits with bizarre stories of (among other things) her Bible Belt childhood.  
Erin Markey performs at Joe’s Pub Wed 23.

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23 Oct 2013

The performer: Harmon Leon in <em>Yank Me</em>

The character: Personalities from odd American subcultures

How it works: A professional “infiltrator,” Leon reports back from America’s Most Beautiful Baby Contest and the prank show he created with O.J. Simpson.

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22 Oct 2013