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DJ mix: PBR Streetgang

The U.K. boogie-house PBR Streetgang duo cruises into Cameo.

PBR Streetgang

Bonar Bradberry has released oodles of glimmering, boogie-tinged house on labels such as Needwant and Under the Shade; when he teams up with fellow producer Tom Thorpe as PBR Streetgang (named for the boat crew in Apocalypse Now), the result is an exceptionally groovy dub-disco sound that’s found its way onto such esteemed imprints as Futureboogie and Hot Creations. The Leeds, U.K. duo is coming to town to play for the Autobrennt and Brooklyn Bass crews at Willamsburg’s Cameo on Friday, May 10th—and to get you in the mood, here’s a set of Bradberry and Thorpe’s funk-fueled house rhythms, originally posted on the Autobrennt site. Enjoy the music—then get out there and dance!

Autobrennt and Brooklyn Bass: PBR Streetgang is at Cameo Friday, May 10.

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