National Lampoon's Animal House

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National Lampoon's Animal House
Dean Wormer, National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

Beer barrels shatter windows, rock'n'roll blares out, havoc rules in this sharp, college-campus-of-'62 crack at American Graffiti. An unashamed sense of its own fantasy is coupled with classically mounted slapstick; nostalgia mixes with cynicism in seductive proportions; and John Belushi’s central performance as brain-damaged slob-cum-Thief of Baghdad is wonderful.

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Cast and crew

Director: John Landis
Screenwriter: Harold Ramis, Douglas Kenney, Chris Miller
Cast: John Belushi
Tim Matheson
John Vernon
Verna Bloom
Tom Hulce
Cesare Danova
Peter Riegert
Many Louise Weller
Stephen Furst
Karen Allen
Kevin Bacon
Donald Sutherland
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