The Beat That My Heart Skipped

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The Beat That My Heart Skipped
Remaking James Toback's 1978 Fingers, director Jacques Audiard (Read My Lips) has turned the story of Tom (Duris), a petty Parisian crook specializing in real-estate swindles and classical piano, into a melancholy study of alienation and reinvention. The suspense derives not so much from whether Tom will pass an audition and become a concert pianist, but from whether he'll succeed in leaving behind the legacy of small-time wheeling and dealing he inherited from his father (Arestrup). Duris is a handsome performer who achieved success in popular comedies; here, he pulls off his part's perilous balancing act beautifully.

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Cast and crew

Director: Jacques Audiard
Screenwriter: Tonino Benacquista
Cast: Romain Duris
Niels Arestrup
Linh Dan Pham
Aure Atika
Emmanuelle Devos
Jonathan Zaccai
Gilles Cohen
Anton Yakovlev
Melanie Laurent