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  1. Piggy Bear (Photograph: Michael Alexander)
    Photograph: Michael Alexander

    Robert Valin and DJ Damian's monthly party for kinky bears and their pals always pulls in a sexy crowd.

  2. Black Party Weekend (Photograph: Richard Burrowes)
    Photograph: Richard Burrowes

    A sizable furry contingent can always be found at the city's most debaucherous annual party and all the naughty events surrounding it.

  3. Scissor Sundays (Photograph: Grace Chu)
    Photograph: Grace Chu

    JD Samson's Sunday tea dance draws a mixed crowd of girls and boys of all sizes and levels of hairiness.

  4. Adonis Lounge (Photograph: Michael Alexander)
    Photograph: Michael Alexander

    Male strip shows usually offer up a more waxed, oiled look, but male-for-male burlesqe party Adonis Lounge gives occasional shout-outs to fur lovers.

  5. Buddies (Photograph: Michael Alexander)
    Photograph: Michael Alexander

    Gay? Hipster? Both? Don't get caught up in L-train ambiguity; head to DJ Damian's super-friendly Tuesday-night shindig at the East Village dive Nowhere for cute, fuzz-faced dudes.

  6. Blowoff (Photograph: Michael Alexander)
    Photograph: Michael Alexander

    Bob Mould and Richard Morel's roving Blowoff party attracts a fun mix of gays, hipsters, serious dance music fans and, of course, bears—many of whom are compelled to de-shirt as the night goes on.

  7. The Sunday Situation and Union (Photograph: Charity de Meer)
    Photograph: Charity de Meer

    DJs Rich King and Gustavo (pictured, from left) helped redefine bear culture with their popular SNAXX party, which now happens all too rarely. These days, you'll catch Rich spinning in the Monster's basement at the Sunday Situation.

  8. Code (Photograph: Zenith Richards)
    Photograph: Zenith Richards

    There are always plenty of big, hairy dudes showing off their goods at the Eagle's packed  weekly fetish night.

  9. DILF (Photograph: Grace Chu)
    Photograph: Grace Chu

    Chelsea's G Lounge isn't usually a stomping ground for big and hairy guys, but Wednesday's DILF (you know what that stands for…) is welcoming of manly men—even the go-go boys have meat on their bones (and hair on their meat).

  10. Saturdays at XL (Photograph: Richard Burrowes)
    Photograph: Richard Burrowes

    In the 1990s, it was rare to catch at glimpse of chest hair at John Blair's legendary Roxy Saturdays. As this pic shot at the opening night of Blair's newest party at XL proves, things have clearly changed.

  11. Flaming Saddles Saloon (Photograph: Jena Cumbo)
    Photograph: Jena Cumbo

    Hell's Kitchen has definitely taken Chelsea's place as pretty-boy central with all of its sleek lounges and sexy cocktail bars, but country-themed newcomer Flaming Saddles proudly welcomes all types (and has them dancing on the bar).

  12. Bondi Beach (Photograph: Grace Chu)
    Photograph: Grace Chu

    Not too long ago, a guy had to be freshly waxed and have easily viewed abdominal muscles to even consider taking his top off at a mainstream gay dance party. But as evidenced by these sexy men we caught at last year's Bondi Beach bash, the megaclubs seem to be welcoming other body types these days. Hooray!

  13. Hustlaball (Photograph: Michael Alexander)
    Photograph: Michael Alexander

    Furry guys including porn star, escort and scenester Arpad Miklos (link NSFW!) strutted their fuzzy stuff at this annual celebration of male sex workers.

  14. Sugarland (Photograph: Syd London)
    Photograph: Syd London

    You'll always find a friedly pan-queer crowd at this Williamsburg dive, where a burlesque performer showed us that a bearish aesthetic isn't confined to one end of the gender spectrum.

  15. Spank (Photograph: Richard Burrowes)
    Photograph: Richard Burrowes

    This mixed, roving arty party from DJs Sean B and Will Automagic always attracts a sizable bearded contingent. We caught this guy at December's Spank party headlined by disco powerhouse Escort.

  16. Underbear (Photograph: Jena Cumbo)
    Photograph: Jena Cumbo

    Joe Fiore's late monthly mixer at Rockbar found bearish dudes stripping down to their bare essentials.

NYC bear photos (slide show)

TONY's fearless photographers braved the wilds of NYC nightlife to catch fuzzy and/or husky party animals.

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