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  1. JFK Airport photograph: Nicolas Lemery Nante
    JFK Airport photograph: Nicolas Lemery Nante

    The TWA Terminal at JFK is my all time No.1 terminal in the world. JetBlue once took me and some ex TWA girls for a tour, and I will never forget it. The TWA hostesses broke down crying when they walked over the jet bridge because they hadn’t been in there since the airline was made defunct. Their passion and love for TWA was not only inspiring but reminded me of what it must have been like flying in the Golden Age of Flying. When we were leaving, "Shirley" from TWA pulled out a TWA branded pen and gave it to me as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

  2. Grand Central Terminal photograph: Jeffrey Gurwin
    Grand Central Terminal photograph: Jeffrey Gurwin

    Grand Central is directly below Pam Ann HQ, which is located in the MetLife building (the original Pan Am building). I am obsessed with this area of NYC and its iconic NYC views looking up Park Avenue. Back in the Golden Age of flying, Pan Am once flew a helicopter directly from JFK to the Pan Am building. Can you imagine flying into NYC, landing on top of a building and going to work? Fierce! Grand Central is so nostalgic and reminiscent of an era when we didn’t have mobile phones. Back then, when you said you would meet under the clocks at Grand Central Station, you had to go. You couldn’t text to say you couldn’t make it or were running late—you just had to show up. It’s still so romantic, magical and a great place to meet a blind date!

  3. LaGuardia Airport photograph: Jeremy Goldstein
    LaGuardia Airport photograph: Jeremy Goldstein

    On January the 5th 2009, I was in a hotel lobby being interviewed for my shows at Joe’s Pub opening that very evening when news hit across the world that a US Airways plane had just landed on the Hudson River. I was praying selfishly that no one was hurt—otherwise I might not have a show that night, or it would be tricky to get around what just happened. I rewrote my show that afternoon: I asked if there was any US Airways crew in the audience—and I offered to dry their clothes off for them.

  4. Newark photograph: Shutterstock
    Newark photograph: Shutterstock

    Newark is the local hub of merger of United and Continental. I heard the United girls had a hard time squeezing into the Continental uniform. Unlike Air France, where the uniform goes up to a size zero, United’s started at size 24. And apparently when the United flight attendant’s merged with Continental, the Continental flight attendants needed night vision glasses to see them because they are so old they’re like ghosts.

  5. Penn Station photograph: Shutterstock
    Penn Station photograph: Shutterstock

    What’s more exciting than a busy train station? And it doesn’t get busier than Penn Station. Alfred Hitchcock shot many movies at Penn Station and I can see why—it’s mysterious and has a danger element. You could lose someone in Penn Station or murder them quite easily and no one would ever know. 

Pam Ann's guide to local travel hubs

Just in time for your year-end travel needs, gay beloved high-camp flight attendant Pam Ann shares her fondest (and bitchiest) memories about NYC travel hubs.

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