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  1. Photograph: Jolie Ruben
    Photograph: Jolie Ruben
  2. Photograph: Jolie Ruben
    Photograph: Jolie Ruben
  3. Photograph: Jolie Ruben
    Photograph: Jolie Ruben
  4. Photograph: Jolie Ruben
    Photograph: Jolie Ruben
  5. Photograph: Jolie Ruben
    Photograph: Jolie Ruben

Queens on Thrones: Sherry Vine (SLIDE SHOW)

The queen: A two-decade veteran of NYC’s downtown scene and a YouTube sensation, Sherry Vine has brought her brilliant song parodies and comedy stylings to venues around the world. In addition to her weekly late-night shows, Vine is a founding member of Theatre Couture and has starred in all of the company’s productions. Her most recent venture is starring in and writing She’s Living for This on here! TV; the second season begins filming this fall.

The throne:
Bar 89. The notorious unisex stalls at this Soho drinkery feature clear glass doors that fog up for privacy (so don’t worry, no one is watching you tinkle).

Time Out New York: Do you have any advice for the woman who is arguably the world’s most famous queen on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee?
Sherry Vine:
My only advice after 60 years is to have a drink, dearie, and celebrate! Oh—and ditch the hats and crack out some of those tiaras!

Got any good bathroom stories from your adventures in nightlife?

Honey, I could write a book—adult themed—about what I’ve seen in bathrooms! I literally saw everything and learned more than I wanted to learn from the ‘thrones’ at the Tunnel. The things straight boys want to show drag queens in the toilet.…

What are you proud of this June?
I’ve been working with an organization called Let’s Cure AIDS, helping them organize events, fund-raisers and getting the word out. I’m proud of the people who give so much at these events!

More Sherry Vine!
Check out the Blond Leading the Blond, Mondays at 10pm at Therapy, and the Sherry Vine Show, Wednesdays at midnight at Industry. For more information, go to, check out and follow @MissSherryVine.

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