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Bianca del Rio
Photograph: Magnus Hastings

NYC's top drag queens predict the LGBT nightlife award winners

We asked the drag queen nominees for 2015 Entertainer of the Year who should nab the top prize at the Glam Awards

Written by
Ben Lerman

How do you quiet down a room full of drag queens? Nominate them for an award. In 25 categories, from Best Promoter and Best Club Night to Best Bartender and Best Go-Go Boy, the Glam Awards celebrate excellence in almost all areas of NYC LGBT nightlife. NYC's own Drag Race winner and multiple Glammy winner Bianca Del Rio will host the show and hopefully read the nominees to shreds. While the Oscars cut most of the performances from its annual show, the Glam Awards has a ton of performers taking the stage, including Will Sheridan, Big Dipper, Sweetie, Aquaria, Bootsie Lefaris, Mila Jam, Miz Cracker and Monica Blewinsky. As the anticipation builds for crowning this year's Entertainer of the Year, we asked some of the 2015 nominees who should nab the top prize.

If not you, who should win the Entertainer of the Year Glammy?

Pixie Aventura:

Bob the Drag Queen should win because that's my sister.

Bob the Drag Queen:

Sherry Vine should win, because we don’t know how much longer grandma will be with us.


Tina Burner:

Paige Turner, because someone needs to show that demented Barbie some love.

Marti G. Cummings:

Pixie Aventura, so she can sell the trophy to raise money for her homeland of, like, Cuba or something.


Brenda Dharling:

Tina Burner, because she’s the Susan Lucci of the Glam Awards. I mean, throw a dog a bone.

Thorgy Thor:

I'm probably gonna win, so this question doesn't really matter.


Paige Turner:

Marti G. Cummings, so she’ll calm the fuck down. I’m high-octane, but she makes me look like Buddha.

Sherry Vine:

Tina Burner, because I believe in helping those less fortunate, and she’s the Special Olympics of drag.

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Scene queen Cherry Jubilee brings you this awards ceremony and celebration of queer nightlife hosted by Bianca Del Rio, with performances by Will Sheridan, Big Dipper, Sweetie, Aquaria, Bootsie Lefaris, Mila Jam, Miz Cracker, Brenda Dahling, Monica Blewinsky, Tina Burner and more.

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