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9 filming destinations in NYC you may not have spotted from the street

From Bryant Park to the West Village, there are plenty of filmic places to discover around the city.

Written by
Ju Shardlow

We went on a tour of some of the more secret TV and film spots in the city with HBO and @onlocationtours (via Twitter).

1. The Plaza Hotel

This five-star hotel has cropped up in TV’s Gossip Girl and The Sopranos. But its all-American moment comes during Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, with Donald Trump making an appearance. Tourists will be gently encouraged to move along while inside, which means you’ll have to quick about doing your Macaulay face or an impression of terrifying concierge Tim Curry. 

768 5th Ave, NY 10019

2. Carrie’s Apartment

Eagle-eyed fans of Sex and the City will recognize Carrie’s apartment in the West Village, listed in 2012 for a whopping $9.65 million. Understandably, the steps are adorned with a “no trespassing” sign, just in case you were thinking of taking a selfie. Scenes from Woody Allen’s Alice (1990) were also shot on this street. 

64 Perry St, NY 10014


3. Magnolia Bakery

A stroll around the corner will take you to dessert heaven, a.k.a. Magnolia Bakery, pioneers of the SATC-related cupcake trend in the 2000s. For a tasty treat as big as Hulk’s fist, try the Red Velvet. 

401 Bleecker St, NY 10014


4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you’re planning on re-creating the scene from The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) where Pierce Brosnan gets chased through the galleries while wearing a suave bowler hat, we want to know you, because that's bizarre. But also, take note of the museum’s strict bag policy. We don’t think you’ll be walking off with a Monet any time soon.

1000 5th Avenue, NY 10028



5. Le Coucou

Located at the corner of Lafayette and Howard Streets, this Parisian restaurant is where NYC’s elite dine in the HBO TV series Succession

138 Lafayette St, NY 10013


6. Hook and Ladder 8

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, you better call the boys at Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8. The interiors for Ghostbusters (1984) were shot in L.A., but all the exteriors were shot here, as were two scenes in the all-female 2016 reboot. There’s even a chalk drawing on the sidewalk to remind you.

14 N Moore St, NY 10013



7. New York Public Library

Bibliophiles will go mad for scenes in Prizzi’s Honor (1985) and You’re a Big Boy Now (1966). But they might want to hide behind a cushion during 2004’s post-apocalyptic The Day After Tomorrow, when an epic wall of water drenches all those fragile pages. 

476 5th Ave, NY 10018

8. Soup Man

“This guy makes the best soup in the city, Jerry—the best.” Well, we can’t confirm or deny that, as this branch is now closed. But fans will enjoy snapping a photo of the sign outside Soup Man, the setting for this 1995 episode of Seinfeld. Just don’t mention Soup Nazis. 

Closed - at 259 W 55th St, NY 10019


9. Katz’s Deli

This spot has been serving legendary pastrami and corned beef since 1888. And there's no sense of it slowing down, thanks to that iconic scene in When Harry Met Sally. Their table is even labeled in the middle of the restaurant, so snag it if you can. But be prepared to perform for the crowd.

205 E Houston St, NY 10002


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