Aaron Dilloway and Jason Lescalleet

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Aaron Dilloway and Jason Lescalleet
Picasa Aaron Dilloway and Jason Lescalleeet

For anyone put off by one too many noise gigs featuring laptoppers who could just as well be checking their e-mail, know that Aaron Dilloway (ex–Wolf Eyes) and Jason Lescalleet are supremely physical sound-surfers, whose electric-junk performances partake of punk-rock aggression and guerilla-theater chaos. Their recent duo LP, Grapes and Snakes, is a tactile tour de force: Burbling analog synths get manhandled, magnetic tape gets stretched and, at one point, Godzilla gets strafed by flying saucers, or so it seems. The pair comes to the collaboration in prime form, each having released an aesthetic-expanding, critic-wowing double album in 2012; for this rare Brooklyn outing, each will have a solo blow before the inevitable clash of the titans.


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