Caspian + Circle Takes The Square

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Caspian + Circle Takes The Square
Phtograph: Evan Tetraualt Caspian
It’s difficult to listen to the title track from Massachusetts post-rock combo Caspian’s latest EP, Hymn for the Greatest Generation, without feeling a twinge of melancholy. As the regal instrumental cut slowly builds to a majestic, string-adorned climax, then settles back into stillness, you can only imagine how hard it’s been for the band to soldier on in the wake of bassist Chris Friedrich’s untimely death in August. Still, there’s perseverance in Caspian’s throaty power chords, a sensation that endures throughout the six-song disc. Coheadliner 65daysofstatic, from Sheffield, England, forgoes orchestral maneuvers in favor of electronic sheen on the recently released Wild Light, promising an eclectic double bill.—Steve Smith


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