Charles R. Hale and David Raleigh: Jazz in the City

Music, Cabaret and standards
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Hale guides audiences through a spoken tour of NYC's jazz legacy, musically illustrated by pianist-singer Raleigh and his trio. Natalie Douglas directs.


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I have a little gripe against Timeout's comment mechanism, but I'll save that for later. As for this evening of entertainment, Jazz in the City is a delightful, engaging show that shouldn't be missed. Charles Hale is a skilled raconteur, and it definitely is apparent, as he educates and entertains, while weaving tales about famed 20th Century composers combined with his ancestral history. David Raleigh vocalizes to the heavens and beyond. They both are joined in this musical summit by three of the best musicians currently on the Manhattan scene. A must-see production!

I tried twice to post a review on Timeout, and both times while waiting to confirm my submission, the request "timed out!" Get it together, TimeOut. Third time is not at all charming when writing a singular review!

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The Jazz in the City - New York show with the fantastic David Raleigh Quartet was an amazing collection of talent, musical surprises and wonderful commentary..excellent! Each musician was great, with smoking solos by saxophonist Tony Carfora, Danny Weller's solid bass and Daniel Glass' tasty and kick ass drumming. David Raleigh is and always has been a musician's musician with his outstanding piano and " I can feel it" vocals.. Thanks Charles R. Hale for your honest, informative and so professional commentary.

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This show was incredibly entertaining, The musicians were outstanding, the music sublime and the stories beautifully and skillfully told. These guys do something very special I haven't seen anywhere else.  If you are looking for a highly enjoyable evening, this is it.

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Jazz in the City is a journey threw Historic Jazz from  old New York to present.. Not only is the music amazing the story telling is superb !  I learned so much about my favorite artist that I did not know.

I highly recommend it for an enjoyable evening of music, song and so much more.

Saw this show a couple of weeks back and had a blast. Dave Raleigh and Charles R. Hale are the ultimate double act and helped me get my groove on as I was transported to the streets and sounds of NYC. Highly recommended! David's smile is infectious - you can't look away from his pearly whites!

Honey, this angel got his soul ON during this show. He bobs and weaves like a couple good ol girl haircuts from Tameca down in the Bronx - music that gives you all the colors. The guy who was telling stories made me remember where it took place and the singer took me there. Take your friends!

Stumbled upon this little gem while enjoying a girls night out.  So impressed that we will be purchasing tickets for the next show.  

A wonderful evening out - great music and gifted storytelling all reinforcing what a amazing town New York is, and was.  Mr Hale’s stories are enchanting by themselves, add live music and he paints a vivid picture of growing up in New York.  The musicians that share the stage are fantastic - super talented, l loved David Raleigh’s singing and Tony Carfare’s sax - truly magical. Who knew history could be so enjoyable! I left with a smile on my face, highly recommended.

An absolutely delightful evening of music and music history. You are enveloped in a wonderful sense of nostalgia, while you are simultaneously educated and serenaded. Thoroughly enjoyable!

I caught this show a couple of weeks ago and I might just go again.  Listening to Mr. Hale tell a story is magical and nostalgic in and of itself, but paired with David Raleigh's screw-tight trio, it's lifted into an experience.  I only wished the show had gone on longer.  I could have listened all night.  Highly recommended.  

As a native New Yorker I was immediately transported back to a time of my grand parents and some of the memories they shared with me. I'm a bi-racial kid from Williamsburg/Greenpoint. My heritage spans old Europe and NYC. The journey with Charles and David reminded me of the incredible magic Jazz has and it's importance in our culture and indeed, our lives. If you get a chance to see this show, GO! TODAY! ~MIKE DREYDEN

Not only are you sent back in time to another era, you are transported back into the lives of unforgettable composers and artists who made great songs greater. Charles R. Hale tells stories of his life growing up in N.Y.C. and how the music of the 1930's and1940's era was a big influence on his life. Songs such as "Let's fall in love", "Pennies from heaven", "Stormy weather", "Someone to watch over me" and "Take the A train" were a few that were performed by the talented musicians who intertwined with Charles's stories. So well in fact , you couldn't help but let out a cheer or a smile every time an intro started. Everyone watching the show interacted with Charles as they were intrigued with his knowledge of past legends and sang along to these timeless classics.The musicians interpretations of the tunes were incredible. David Raleigh who played piano, sang and arranged the music, gave the songs a whole new light. Tony Carfora on saxophone lit up the stage with his distinctive sound, talent and energy. He made me think of a quote that Stan Getz once said ;" If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone. At it's best it's like a human voice" .Tony Carfora made his saxophone sing! Everyone who was a part of this memorable show had such amazing talent, you didn't want the show to end. A show like this is a must see.

Nancy B.

Looking for a feel good NYC experience? Check out this show, which combines great music, storytelling and historical journey through the history of NYC and the American Songbook. So glad we found this show. A very New York experience.

I have actually been twice and the show does not get old. The stories Charles Hale weaves with Jazz history in New York, pulls the audience in as the music blows you away. Touching at points, riveting in others, this is a "must-see" performance!

Magical. The combination of great music and storytelling made for a great night of entertainment. Raleigh is a maestro at the piano and with his vocals; The sax player, Carfora, is worth the price of admission. Great solos!  And Hale's storytelling works beautifully, as the stories of the city he clearly loves, and his family history, are seamlessly woven in and out of the music. Terrific event. 

Who knew a history lesson could be so entertaining? Knowledgeable Charles Hale introduced each number with a New York history lesson. Charles knows his music and New York! From my front row table, I watched David Raleigh light up the room with his music and smile.  Great intimate venue also.

I've seen the show twice! Once when it was at the Triad last fall and again upstairs at the Duplex on 4/27. It's great! Charles Hale's reminiscences are funny, poignant and heart warming. David Raleigh is in extraordinarily fine form performing Gershwin, Porter, Arlen and more. And the band is smokin', that saxophonist (Tony) is amazing! It's a quintessential New York experience!

If you’re looking for an easy night out, look no more. The musicians were AWESOME! The storytelling was intriguing and whimsical. After seeing this show, I felt like I stepped back in time and left with a sense of New York Pride. 

 "The best theatrical bargain in the city was last Thursday's show at the Duplex, ‘Jazz in the City: The New York Connection.’  This review of America’s great songwriters and their relationship with New York was poignant, engrossing and magical.  Charles Hale’s commentary was as relaxed as it was enlightening and insightful. David Raleigh is a genius. A brilliant evening! 

Fabulous evening and gratifying to know that the music of my youthful LP collecting days is still being appreciated and performed so well. I loved the exquisite performances, both singing and playing, by the quartet members alternating with and illustrating Charles Hale's reminiscences of his family in Old New York: perfect in every way. American musical classics (by composers Cole Porter, Billie Strayhorn, et al) created a lovely mood; and Charles' recitation  of "Something Wonderful" from the "number one wife" of the king of Siam (Yul Brynner in my mind rather than Richard Harris) applied to Charles' memory of his own father was a very touching moment in the midst of the more vigorous musicians.  A great evening altogether.

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