First Aid Kit

Sweden's sweet-singing Sderbergs stop by NYC.

If you’ve ever traveled to Sweden—maybe even if you’ve only imagined traveling to Sweden—watching the now-famous YouTube video of First Aid Kit playing Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” could prompt a sensation of dj vu. A three-minute jewel of seemingly supernatural harmony, the clip shows Stockholm sisters Klara and Johanna Sderberg (respectively 17 and 19) singing in an idyllic glade, accompanied by a lightly strummed acoustic guitar in a cover version that surpasses the rustic charm and stark beauty of the original.

Though they never made it on Ellen (usually an early pit stop on the fame trajectory for YouTube stars), the sisters’ talent by no means went unnoticed: First Aid Kit’s virally driven ascent materialized in a debut LP, The Big Black and the Blue, out on Wichita. With songs like “I Met Up with the King” and “Hard Believer,” in which their voices mesh gorgeously, the Sderbergs validate their lofty view count

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