Jay-Z and Kanye West: Watch the Throne

Of course it was going to be good. There was no way that a Jay-Z–Kanye team-up record was going to suck—and hip-hop’s reigning kings knew it, packaging Watch the Throne in gold cases, hosting star-studded playback events and, y’know, calling it Watch the Throne. But the pair delivered a mighty album that showcases both MCs at their fire-spittin’ best. Rumors of a feud have made headlines (of course), but Jay-Z brushed off the gossip in a recent Hot 97 radio interview. “Yes, we get on each other’s nerves,” he shrugged, “but that’s part of pushing each other. We’re in the business of challenging ourselves.” We suggest you step up to the challenge of getting ahold of a ticket to one of these shows—and be awed by the brilliance of this once-in-a-generation collaboration.