Los Tigres del Norte + El Coyote y Su Banda Tierra Santa + Hector Acosta "El Torito" + Los Horóscopos de Durango

The members of Los Tigres del Norte might look like dandies in their custom-tailored, rhinestone-encrusted suits, but don’t mistake them for show-biz softies: This durable norteño outfit will wear holes in your soles with spirit, smiles and a shuffle beat that just won’t quit. A 2010 Brooklyn gig ran until 4am; expect the same now as the band turns up hot on the heels of a Latin Grammy win. Keening balladeer El Coyote, Dominican heartthrob Hector “El Torito" Acosta and brassy, sexy Chicago dance machine Los Horóscopos de Durango assure that the party will never sag. (For ticket information, go to laboomny.com.)


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