The Bunker: Monolake + Scion

The Bunker's DJ Spinoza is tossing a special edition of his party in the heart of Long Island City—and it's gonna be killer, especially for aficionados of deep, throbbing and absolutely brilliant techno. The main draw will undoubtedly be Robert "Monolake" Henke, who'll be be doling out his space-time-continuum–rupturing music in a Live Surround performance, with Henke placed in the middle of the room running feeds to four speaker stacks. The seminal dub-tech label Chain Reaction looms over the night; not only is Monolake a graduate of the imprint, but the supporting cast—DJ Pete and René "Vainqueur" Löwe, playing both separately and together in their Scion guise—calls the label home as well.