We Love the Golden Girls 5

We Love the Golden Girls 5
Photograph: Kelsy Chauvin We Love the Golden Girls: (from left) Sharyn Jackson, Amber Martin, Lauren LoGiudice?and Angela DiCarlo
We really love 'em, now that three out of the four have shuffled off this mortal coil. (Hang in there, Betty!) This annual salute to the adored sitcom opens with a screening of classic episodes, followed by a one-hour dance party/open cheesecake bar. Then the drag-heavy tribute begins, featuring a cavalcade of stars (including TONY's own Adam Feldman); the World Famous *BOB* serves as the evening's glamorous host. The soiree features trivia and costume contests as well, so bone up and dress accordingly.


Event phone: 212-488-2705
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