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Young Wavy Fox turns up the DJ game

Talking with the DJ and e-commerce business owner about her favorite places to spin and kick back in NYC

Young Wavy Fox
Portrait by Alison Garber
By David Goldberg |

It's impossible to miss born stunt queen Young Wavy Fox, unless you’re at one of her riotous parties—in which case you'll be dancing too hard to notice much of anything. When the Bronx-based DJ isn’t lighting a fire under revelers with dizzying mixes of Afro-trance, reggaeton and beyond, she's running her eponymous lingerie brand. We asked Fox about where she likes to spin, kick back, and wine and dine herself in NYC.

Young Wavy Fox

Portrait by Alison Garber

"I'm there every other Thursday, playing a multigenre mix of whatever I want. If you know Pianos, it's one of those New York, New York, places where people from all over the world come to have a shit-faced time. It really goes down. I'm always meeting new, interesting people who are clearly not coherent anymore."

"This past summer, I had a residency at the Museum of Sex for this party, but [the party] has since moved. It's just tons of 120bpm to 160bpm songs—people are sweating and dancing. It's the best queer POC party in New York. White people come, too!"

"It's a party started by DJ Kenneth Kyrell. He recently had a party at Soho Grand that was so good...because I DJ'd [laughs]. And also DJ Niara Sterling. I love when promoters aren't afraid to have a female lineup, because we bring a lot of flavor to the table, and we’re not giving you that usual shit. We’re giving you more eclectic vibes than the average guy DJ is doing."

Young Wavy Fox

Portrait by Alison Garber

"I feel like they have really cool pieces and they're very affordable. It’s not Victoria's Secret or H&M. It's elevated but moderately priced pieces you can throw on if you're dating yourself."

Miznon at Chelsea Market
"I spin there every other Saturday. It's a dope restaurant; it's Mediterranean, and it has a cool restaurant crowd. It kind of turns into a party because I turn up so quick. [Laughs] People start dancing and trying to eat their falafel at the same time."

The Mercer Kitchen
"I love to take myself on dates, since I'm newly—not newly single, but newly dating myself. All the things I want from a man in my life, I've decided to just do and enjoy by myself. So, I like to take myself to the Mercer Kitchen. I get a glass of prosecco, the Brussels sprouts, and the mac and cheese."

"I live in the newly gentrified SoBro area. I love it because I'm on the express line and can get to Manhattan so fast. But with gentrification, I don't know if it’s helping the community or just bringing in new money. So, there are pros and cons, but it’s cool to have nice, new restaurants in the South Bronx, as opposed to having to go to the city to have dinner. Beatstro is a music restaurant. They have images of the old-school pioneers of hip-hop and vinyl records for sale. The owners are dope. I really like the kale salad. I don’t eat meat, so I don't have much of a palette in regards to food, but the macaroni and cheese is also really good."

Young Wavy Fox

Portrait by Alison Garber

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