A Baby Yoda mural has appeared in the East Village

Shaye Weaver
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Shaye Weaver
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Let's face it: Baby Yoda was one of the best things to happen to us in 2019. 

The tiny green infant with a bounty on his head from Disney+'s The Mandalorian pervaded our collective conscious and now, he's made it into the New York City art scene.

The mural featuring "The Child" and his gigantic eyes (definitely peering into your soul) in his graffiti-covered pram can be found outside the East Village's Second Avenue subway stop at Houston. 

Street artist Will Power, who painted Baby Yoda over the weekend, says that he added a few subliminal messages within the mural, including two spray paint cans made to represent the the fight in Star Wars between Darth Vader and his son Luke Skywalker "to play on good vs. evil, graffiti art vs. graffiti street bombing."

Baby Yoda's pod is also covered in graffiti as if it was left outside in the New York streets and a bunch of vandals "gave him a friendly welcome to the neighborhood," Power says. "This is New York, I can’t just paint Baby Yoda sitting in his stroller."

Will Power says he chose to paint Baby Yoda because he was ready to do something fun and "something for the kids."

"The reactions of passerby was and is nothing but love and positivity on my creation," he added. "It is priceless! To me the best point of view for this piece is coming out from the Second Avenue subway train station."
Sadly, it will only be up through Jan 31, but as the Mandalorians say, "This is the way."

Photograph: Courtesy of Chris Van Berkom @b3rky

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