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A giant, glowing peacock has been installed at Rockefeller Center

Todd Williamson/Peacock

It's always sad to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree being taken down, but this year there’s something else to fuss about that has taken its place: a massive peacock.

No, no, not a real one. But even still, the new giant floral peacock installation that just appeared at 30 Rockefeller Plaza is sure to be pure Instagram bait for visitors passing through the iconic plaza.

The flashy peacock stands about four stories tall and 46 feet wide and it’s colorful, sprawling feathers behind it are made up of 15,000 feet of garland. Planning to visit at night? The bird is also dressed in 11,055 multi-colored LED lights to illuminate it’s sweet looks in the dark.


Todd Williamson/Peacock


The new installation was put up right in front of NBC’s headquarters to promo their new streaming service named, you guessed it, “Peacock.”

NBC unveiled the name of their streaming service back in fall of 2019, which is set to roll out this April 2020. Many beloved shows to binge-watch will be on the new service including The OfficeParks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Downton Abbey and Everyone Loves Raymond, as well as new original shows and movies. 


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