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A pair of robot strippers are performing at an NYC club this weekend

By Clayton Guse

Earlier this month, attendees at the Las Vegas tech convention CES were given the chance to see the premiere of a curious pair of robots. The creations weren’t personal assistants or delivery drones, though—they were strippers.

This weekend, those “Robo Twins” are coming to New York for a two-night stint that will be all but impossible to explain to your grandmother. They’ll be setting up shop at midtown strip club Sapphire 39 on Friday and Saturday nights, providing a strange, gyrating show for anyone who is willing to pay a $30 cover.

The electronic dancers are the creation of sculptor Giles Walker and are equipped with CCTV cameras as heads. They were originally designed as a commentary on the surveillance state but have since been co-opted as a gentlemen’s club attraction. The whole experience looks like a two-bit version of Westworld.

This weekend will be New Yorkers’ last chance to see the Robo Twins before they return to London. There are certainly many better ways to spend your weekend in the city, but we thought you should know that the future is here, and it’s downright perturbing. 

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the Robo Twins would also be making an appearance at Sapphire’s Upper East Side location on Sunday.

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