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A provocative new mural on Bowery examines gun violence in America

Written by
David Goldberg

For its November 5 cover, Time magazine recruited street artist JR to interview and photograph 245 Americans with differing views on gun violence. The result of the five-month, four-city tour is a massive composite mosaic representing the hot-button issue.

The magazine cover is accompanied by an interactive site, "The Gun Chronicles: A Story of America," that lets you explore the image more in-depth, and a large-scale version at the Bowery Mural on Bowery and Houston streets. 

JR completed the mural on Friday, and it was tagged within 24 hours with the number 11 in blood red paint. The anonymous mark represents the eleven slain congregants at the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia on Saturday. Flowers have been laid at the mural since, making it into a makeshift memorial.

Both Time and JR reposted images of the mural in support of the new marking. 

"I left the piece on the Houston Bowery wall on Friday morning to start a conversation about guns in America. The next day, in the morning 11 people were killed at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh by a guy with an assault rifle AR15. He said "I just want to kill Jews." Violent antisemitism here again...That same night, people have started a visual conversation on the wall."

The evolving mural will remain up for a few more weeks, so be sure to check it out the striking image while you can. 

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