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George Floyd, protest, NYC, Black Lives Matter, BLM
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Another NYC protest over George Floyd's death is happening Friday afternoon

More are planned in the city over the next week.
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Shaye Weaver

Incensed New Yorkers are headed to Foley Square on Friday afternoon to protest George Floyd's death—the second demonstration in New York City, following Thursday's, where about 70 people were arrested at Union Square.

George Floyd's death is being compared to Eric Garner's in that in both cases, the black men died after pleading for help, saying they couldn't breathe as police officers restrained them. The video of Floyd's death surfaced earlier this week, causing outrage.

On Friday, the officer who used his knee to press into Floyd's neck, Derek Chauvin, was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

Organizers of the next protest, which is slated for 4pm, say the protest will be more peaceful and are encouraging participants to wear black, bring flowers and a sign with the name of someone killed by police.

Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, who also died while in police custody, will reportedly attend this demonstration.

There's a growing number of other protests planned, including one at 6pm tonight at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and another on June 2 at 1pm at 1 Police Plaza Path.

Advocates all over New York are calling on the City Council to pass a chokehold bill, which would make using a chokehold a crime. 

Gwen Carr said the case has opened an old wound, "pouring salt into it," according to CBS local. "The police officers come into our neighborhoods to brutalize, terrorize, and murder our children, and we have done nothing."

New York leaders have also condemned the Minnesota police's handling of the incident.

"Let's not make the same mistake we continually make — we tend to see it as incident, an isolated incident. It is not. It is a continuum of cases and situations that have been going on for decades and decades and decades," Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Friday. "These are just chapters in a book and the title of the book is called, Continuing injustice and inequality in America."

Cuomo named a dozen victims of police violence, saying that it's not just about one situation but about the same situation "happening again and again and again and again."

"How repugnant to the concept of America!" he said. "I stand figuratively with the protestors. I think all well-meaning Americans stand with the protesters. Enough is enough! It shouldn't take this long to end basic discrimination and basic injustice."

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that had Floyd been white, he'd have still been alive.

NYPD commissioner Dermot Shea said the handling of the incident is not acceptable anywhere.

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