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Coney Island Brewing just released a shockingly good line of breakfast cereal-flavored beer

Written by
Jake Cohen

You officially have an excuse to drink beer for breakfast (well, probably more like brunch but we won’t judge you).

Coney Island Brewing has just released two seasonal brews inspired the popular Halloween breakfast cereals Count Chocula and Boo Berry. Appropriately named Count Flocula and Blueberry Boo-Liner, the beers jump on the current trend of adultifying all the nostalgic foods from our childhood.

While there is no actual cereal in the beer (which we’re grateful for since the sun is setting on the questionable cereal milk trend), the main ingredients of chocolate and blueberry are incorporated into their respective beers throughout the process. The Kölsch-style Count Flocula gets its chocolate-y goodness from cocoa nibs and the Berliner Weisse-style Blueberry Boo-Liner receives a fruity punch from blueberry puree. To emulate that milky cereal experience, both options have marshmallow fluff and lactose incorporated into the beer for creaminess.

Naturally, we got our hands on a few cans to see if they would get us into the Halloween spirit. Both truly represent grown-up versions of the flavors we associate with the season (It’s not all pumpkin spice lattes, ok). The Count Flocula has a subtle malty richness with notes of bitter chocolate, while the purplish Blueberry Boo-Liner provides vibrant berry flavor while still being dry. There are no sugary cereal vibes, but instead, these are complex beers that give the perfect nod to Count Chocula and Boo Berry.

These Halloween treats are some witches brews we can definitely get behind.

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