Every bar in New York should be required to have coat hooks

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Jennifer Picht
Courtesy CC/Flickr/Bex Walton

Picture this: It's frigid outside, but after having spent three consecutive Saturday nights binge-watching Netflix shows while scrolling through your Instagram feed to see your friends out and living it up, you decide to brave the cold, and make your way to the bar to join them. Before you head out, you ask yourself, “Should I bring a coat?” When it’s winter and you live on the East Coast, this should be a no-brainer. But when you live in NYC and frequent watering holes that look like dingy hellscapes just because they have killer $3 beer-and-shot combos and a live DJ to keep you sane, you contemplate risking hypothermia. Why? Because too many dives don’t have coat hooks. This should be a crime.

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Mark my words. Any joint—especially one where there’s dancing—that lacks a place to stow your jacket will ruin your good time. No one wants to wear, hold or drape their goose-down parka over their arm all night. And you certainly don’t want to add your cold-weather protector to the inevitable pile of stranger’s coats overflowing from the only open booth in the whole place. Not only do you run the risk of leaving with someone else’s similar but, of course, two-sizes-smaller coverall, but you become that asshole who thinks they have the right to compromise a perfectly good table. And you already know that by the end of the night, your coat will either end up on the sticky, booze-soaked floor, or worse, become the soft, bedlike surface for the poor schmuck who can’t handle his alcohol.

Bottom line: If I’m about to drop $18 on cheap beer and warm well whiskey in your bar, you can spend one sixth of that on a place for me to hang my stuff. Oh, and refill the toilet paper in the bathroom while you’re at it.

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