Get ready to move your car—full alternate-side parking is back in NYC

The reduced ASP rules are no more.

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Shaye Weaver
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Today is the first day that NYC's Alternate Side Parking rules are fully back in effect since they were reduced during the pandemic.

During the partial suspension of ASP, drivers only needed to move their cars once a week so they weren't taking frequent trips outdoors. During this time, Mayor Bill de Blasio mentioned the possibility that ASP as a whole would be reconsidered.

But now? Drivers must move for street cleaning on all days and times posted on the ASP signs.

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You can check your respective ASP rules here, but also find them on this Parking Sign Locator map and check the alternate side parking Twitter account.

The change comes after NYC and Mayor Eric Adams pledged to clean up the city's streets with giant garbage bins and combat the city's rat problem.

In a statement to Gothamist, the mayor said that returning to the old ASP rules will help address the trash issue: "New Yorkers tell it like it is, and everywhere I’ve gone in the last couple of years, they’ve told me the streets don’t look the way they should. We have heard the complaints loud and clear: we need to get trash off our streets, and by restoring alternate side parking, as well as investing $22 million in additional litter basket pickups, New Yorkers will get the clean streets they deserve."

Apparently, one street sweeper can collect 1,500 pounds of trash per shift.

That being said, returning to full ASP rules means more traffic as drivers circle blocks to find parking and more parking tickets for those who don't move their cars. Ignoring ASP rules can get you a $65 ticket.

The NYC Department of Sanitation this week posted a TikTok parody of the super sappy Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial, pleading with New Yorkers to "please" move their cars.

@nycsanitation Full ASP is back today! Please move your car so we can keep streets clean, safe & healthy. Link in bio. Thanks #sarahmclachan for the inspo💚 #dsny #fyp ♬ original sound - nycsanitation

New Yorkers, may the parking gods be with you.

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