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Jayda G
Photograph: Courtesy Keith KaselampaoJayda G.

Grimes, Bon Iver and more will have work in this immersive Bushwick installation

Undercurrent is an "immersive audiovisual" experience focusing on the current crisis of climate change

Written by
André Wheeler

A new art installation featuring creations from Grimes, Bon Iver, Miguel and other big-name entertainers is coming to Brooklyn this fall.

Undercurrent, which is pitched as an “immersive audiovisual” experience, will feature a 60,000 square foot space showcasing celebrity-made art pieces that poignantly explore the ever-increasing climate crisis. 

Viewers can expect to find imaginative pieces when the exhibition opens at Brooklyn’s The Jefferson on September 9, including Grimes’ AI-created meditations and a multimedia installation from Bon Iver, which will feature a new version of his 2019 song “Naeem” remixed by Chris Hontos. Other artists involved also include Aluna, Actress, Jayda G, Mount Kimbie, and Nosaj Thing.

To accompany her piece, Grimes spoke on why she felt compelled to participate in the group show and the deeper inspiration behind her contribution. “If we don’t protect the environment, the future of consciousness will be artificial, not biological,” she said in a statement.Would mental health and wellness even be relevant in a world where emotions aren’t an evolutionary advantage? A.I. Meditations were created by a generative language program that was provided with meditations made by humans and, based off of those models, created its own meditations without the guiding aid of human emotion. Personally, I find beauty in this work, but it represents a distinct artistic shift from things written by humans. This work isn’t critical of A.I., but rather a neutral depiction.

Meanwhile, Bon Iver expanded on what he hopes visitors gain from the one-of-a-kind experience, saying, “I just want somebody to walk out changed and to be thinking about things outside of the normal concepts that they’re usually worried about,” he said. “We want them to walk out having a wider perspective on the meaning of life and what we can leave behind.”

Interested in attending? Tickets are available for reserved time slots now, starting with Undercurrent’s opening day on September 9. You can find out more information about the show here

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