Is New York City the best city in the world right now? We want to know...

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Jennifer Picht

We may be biased, but is there any city in the world better than New York? We want you to tell us (again)!

Last year, we asked for your input on the matter, and your responses proved New York is as lively, delicious and bar-friendly as ever.

According to the results, 81 percent of New Yorkers thought NYC has amazing restaurants, 78 percent said we have great nightlife, and six out of 10 claimed they go out to a bar at least once a week.

It's certainly hard to tire of the city that never sleeps, but maybe New York’s famous catchphrase shouldn’t be taken so lightly? Yeah, 49 percent said they were sleep deprived. Is that still true? 

We're also wondering if you think New York has become cooler or more chill in 2019. The rise in CBD spots certainly makes us believe the latter, but apparently the NYC Health Department has other plans.

And is Williamsburg really the most overrated neighborhood? Now that the L Train shutdown is canceled, the area may be more bumpin' than ever. But these are just a few of our theories. Now we want to hear from you! 

Take the Time Out Index 2019 survey and tell us if NYC is still the best damn place to be. It should only take you about 10 minutes, and it's a fun way to entertain yourself while riding the subway and are inevitably delayed by the "train ahead."

And since we know you love leaving New York just as much as you enjoy living here, we'll reward you at the end by revealing your soul city (a.k.a. the place you absolutely must visit this year) based on your answers.

Start saving for that plane ticket now! Unless your end result is Williamsburg, in which case, at least you can still get there via the L train. 

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