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Joker fans, AOC isn't thrilled about you using those stairs for your Instagram

By Time Out Film

Step right up to a bona-fide NYC phenomenon: Those Joker stairs continue to make news on social media and beyond. Bronx residents are expressing a complicated mixture of fury, amusement and exhaustion. On Showtime's Desus & Mero, the talk show's Bronx-proud hosts took aim at those coming to their borough for a photo op, in a segment called "Why So Stair-ious?"

They also tweeted about it:

Now, upping the ante, TMZ is today reporting that Bronx-born House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has some serious ambivalence about the movie tourists. Smiling during an impromptu Capitol Hill interview, AOC remembers steering clear of those steps when she was younger, quickly adding, "The Bronx is much safer now." But she goes on to issue a mock-serious warning: "Listen—keep your Instagram posts outside of the Boogie Down!"

Not that anyone is listening to her. The 'grams are only now starting to crest, and even have their own hashtag, #jokerstairs. Truth be told, we're loving some of these shots (our favorites are below). Apart from any incel-related axe you'd like to grind, the photos speak to the way film lovers invest in the physical worlds of their obsessions. That doesn't have to be creepy—we're all guilty of it, especially when we go to Katz's and sit at a certain table.

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This is really grinding my gears and I just need to put this out there for people not from New York. These stairs aren't here to be publicized as a cool backdrop for your IG. These stairs represents struggles that people have to deal with everyday that LIVE within this low income Bronx neighborhood. To them it's not a "cool" "fun" backdrop for a picture. They don't just have to take a pic and go back to their nice home. To them these stairs FUCKING SUCK. I don't think you would want to walk these stairs everyday after coming home from a hard days work. I doubt the locals don't want you blocking them as you take your stupid lil IG pic. One final note, this is literally from the people that live in that hood, they can tell if you don't live there and they will rob you

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