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Marijuana legalization may be coming to New York sooner rather than later

Marijuana legalization may be coming to New York sooner rather than later
Photograph: Pixabay

Legal weed may soon be a thing in New York, in part because all the state’s friends are doing it.

Recreational cannabis is now on the books in Maine and Massachusetts, and New Jersey, New Hampshire and Vermont are expected to join in the coming year. Last fall, a Gallup poll showed that a record-high 64 percent of Americans favor legalization of recreational marijuana. And on Monday, the Daily News reported that Republican gubernatorial candidate Joel Giambra floated a plan to legalize weed and use the tax revenue generated from it to pay for key subway improvements. 

A pot revolution is happening in America, dear readers, and it’s high time the Empire State hops on board. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who as recently as last year publicly opposed legalizing cannabis for recreational use, was singing a different tune this week. At his annual budget address on Tuesday, he called for the state to form a panel to advise him on the prospect of legalizing marijuana. 

This announcement came less than a week after the New York State Assembly held a hearing on the possibility of legalizing the devil’s lettuce and on the same day that New Jersey’s new governor Phil Murphy was sworn into office.

“A stronger and fairer New Jersey embraces comprehensive criminal justice reform, including a process to legalize marijuana,” Murphy said in his inauguration speech. 

If Murphy and the main powers in the New Jersey state legislature have their way, the Garden State could have a marijuana legalization law on the books as soon as April. Such an ambitious timeline puts a new kind of pressure on its easterly neighbors. New York City is a brief train ride or drive away from Jersey, and if cannabis does become legal there, one could expect a rush of interstate trips made by New Yorkers looking to score some legal jazz cigarettes. 

That said, if weed is legalized in New York City, it could spell the end of the numerous High Maintenanceesque pot delivery services that operate throughout the five boroughs. It’s a small price to pay for a measure that would be a major milestone for criminal justice reform advocates and could potentially bring millions of dollars in new tax revenue to the state.

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Romit M

Legalization of marijuana is good if it is being used for treating to medical conditions.

Alex S

@Romit M

There is already medical cannabis in NY. There is no reason whatsoever for recreational cannabis to be illegal either; legal weed is being used responsibly by countless thousands of adults in other states across the nation and any negative effects from legalization are vastly outweighed by the mass criminalization of cannabis users and money lost to the illegal drug trade.

anthony f

New York may loose out on the "Toke and Ski" crowd and a wholesome group they are..... to surrounding states . Route 17 now somewhat derelict can be refurbished .The "Out Side" magazine group Kayaks,Cyclists, Climbers ,Photographers,Yoga enthusiasts etc..These groups along with the Fly Fishers and day trippers (a short jaunt from NYC) will add much needed $$$$$$$ Plus the eateries can't forget the food

Andrew S

Politicians in New York as else where are GREEDY PIGS who as PIGS are hypocrites who do it for the MONEY ONLY and as such they will milk WEED dry until they create a flourishing BLACK MARKET market as they did the OTB until they ruin a business the MOB LOVES THEM.

PS I support enabling the people as individuals to be legally able to grow their own WEED mom-commercially for personal use for themselves family & friends under controlled means