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New video game offers a virtual subway ride with Cuomo, De Blasio and Gregg T.

Written by
David Goldberg

If you were to take salvia while playing your Nintendo Switch on a stuck 3 train, you'd likely experience the dizzying horror of MTA Country, a new 2D game from video game designers Everyday Arcade. 

The click-through challenge puts you in the shoes of "see something, say something" subway hero and local meme-generator Gregg T. (who still haunts my nightmares) as he, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio journey through an underground phantasmagoria of broken rails, frustrated commuters and rats, all in the style of Donkey Kong Country. You'll have to collect enough coins and letters to spell out "privatized," and earn your way to the Elon Musk hyperloop subway system of the future (which will be non-unionized, naturally). 

This is yet another delightfully subversive entry in the Everyday Arcade canon, which includes gems like Voter Suppression Trail, Get Trump's Taxes! and Thoughts and Prayers: The Game. 

Here's looking forward to the 3D version, in which users will (hopefully) get to play a sword-wielding Cynthia Nixon. 

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