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New York is the world capital of ghosting
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New York is the world capital of ghosting


Listen, we need to talk.

You all know that it’s not cool to just stop talking to someone you’ve been seeing, right? We only ask because, apparently, some of us have to be reminded. In the recent Time Out Index, a global survey of over 30,000 city dwellers around the world, a staggering 41 percent of New Yorkers say they’ve ghosted someone. That’s higher than any of the other 48 global cities surveyed. Yikes, guys!

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However, if you have ever been unceremoniously uncuffed by a romantic interest, at least you now know you’re not alone. We compiled some ghosting horror stories from fellow New Yorkers to make you feel seen.

(And don’t get us started on the 42 percent of you who have dated several people at once. Examine your life choices, people!)

“One time, a guy ghosted me in the middle of a show. He said he had to go to the bathroom and then just never came back. Ever.  At least I got to go to a show for free.”

“I was on a date with a guy, and during the date a girl that he had ghosted in the past came up and confronted him. Talk about being haunted.”

“I had a guy completely ghost me, and a week later he got into the same UberPool as me. It was horrifying.”

“A girl ghosted me in April. The last text I sent was ‘What’s up?’ The following March—an entire 11 months later—she casually wrote back: ‘Nothing much, how about you?’ ”

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