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NYC has the most stressful commute in the U.S.

Negative comments come up in 45% of Twitter posts mentioning NYC commutes, a study says.

Shaye Weaver
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Shaye Weaver

It’s not just you—getting around New York City really does suck. It’s the norm to feel like you’re a tiny sardine sharing the same tin can as everyone in NYC when riding the subway. Waiting for the bus can feel like being stood up, and driving? Forget about it. Traffic jams are our bread and butter.

Well, a new study from, an online resume builder, found that NYC has America’s most stressful commute, with “negativity” in 45% of Twitter posts mentioning commutes.

RECOMMENDED: NYC continues to be the priciest city to rent an apartment says that more than 1 million people commute into NYC every day, accounting for 20% of NYC’s workforce. About 600,000 of those are “super-commuters” or people who spend more than 90 minutes per day traveling to work. In fact, 38.5% of the nation’s public transit commuters live in the NYC area.

As you might’ve guessed, Jersey City is not far behind with 43% of negative commuting tweets. Somehow we’ve beaten out Boston, where Massholes reign supreme, and L.A., which is notorious for its awful traffic.

Maybe we just complain more here, but we certainly feel this is deserved. The fact that we have awards for the slowest bus says a lot (it’s the M102) and we’re even planning to charge drivers who pass into a specific area in Manhattan to curb traffic and pollution. This is not to mention the fear of crime in the subway that is plaguing commuters. posits that the hellish, average hour-long commute is a key reason why people don’t want to return to the office.

We went on Twitter and found many instances of commuting stress, some of which are below: 

So, what do you think? Does NYC have the most stressful commute?

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