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See how your neighbors voted in the 2020 election with this interactive map

Check out the links to the two interactive maps below.

Collier Sutter
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Collier Sutter

The 2020 general election marked the first time New Yorkers were allowed to take part in early voting, and by its end, at least 2 million votes were castOn Election Day Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden won 29 electoral votes in New York.

Curious what numbers looked like by borough? 

The New York Times released an interactive map, which shows which way New York regions swayed in the 2020 election. You can see how many people voted in each county in-person (absentee ballots will be added later), and who they voted for from Westchester and Long Island to Upstate New York.

In New York City, the five boroughs were primarily blue across the board, but Manhattan had the highest percentage of votes for Biden at 84.5%, compared to the 14.5% that came in for Republican President Donald Trump.

Behind Manhattan were the Bronx and Queens, with 82.5% and 81.3% of their total in-person voters going blue, respectively. 71.1% of votes from Brooklyners also went to Joe Biden, while Staten Island residents voted for Trump (61.1%).

To get even more details on where you live, you can check out neighborhoods broken down by votes using data from the County Boards of Elections unofficial election night results. There, you'll see regions such as southern Staten Island, for example, which was overwhelmingly Democratic, as well as southern Brooklyn, and parts of Queens.

If waiting for the final election results is leaving you to be a bottle of stress, try these calming activities in NYC this week. 

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