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Swoon for this New Jersey man who just became the youngest person to row the Atlantic

By David Goldberg

When I was 19, my greatest accomplishments to date were graduating high school and losing my virginity in the arts and crafts room at Jewish summer camp. I was rather proud of myself at the time, but it appears that I have been outdone. On Sunday, 19 year-old New Jersey teenager Oliver Crane became the youngest person ever to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. 

ABC News reports that Crane embarked alone from the Canary Islands (off the coast of North Africa) on December 14, and arrived in Antigua a whopping 44 days later. For the 3,000-mile voyage, he left with a 23-foot boat which could right itself after capsizing, satellite phones, freeze-dried food, and plenty of Pringles and candy. He embarked as part of the Talisker Whisky Challenge, which sent over 30 teams across the Atlantic this winter. 

The chiseled champion arrived in Antigua last week to cheers from fans and family, and had to endure boring interview questions from reporters before anyone thought to hand him a shirt. 

Crane plans to head to Princeton in the fall, where he'll presumably find new ways to put the rest of us to shame. 

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