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The 10 types of New Yorkers that have emerged from quarantine

Which one are you?

Shaye Weaver
Written by
Shaye Weaver

Five months in quarantine can change a person or, at least, reveal who someone really is.

Back in March, we thought our summers would be spent catching concerts, drinking en masse at beer gardens, taking in the latest Broadway shows and working in our offices. Instead, we've had to adapt to a new reality and that has taken different forms for everyone.

Who we were at the beginning of 2020 is likely very different from who we are now. That being said, there are some new types of New Yorkers who have emerged from quarantine. Which one are you?

1. The mask fashionista

It's like this New Yorker was made for a time like this. Masks may be an annoyance to most of us, but the mask fashionista relishes in wearing the coolest and hippest face masks, from ones with fringe to others with stylish chains and more. They might even color coordinate them with their outfits. Some mask fashionistas have been actually making them themselves, spending hours behind their sewing machines either for their own wardrobes, their new mask business or to hand out to essential workers. We see you.
Catchphrase: "I'm making it fashion and I'm predicting denim this fall."

2. The person who got really into roller blading

They hadn't uttered a single word about roller blading until all of a sudden they had a pair on and were rolling down the block. Now they're always out spinning, rexing and dipping all over the place. They're almost a different person with new friends (who also roller blade.) 
Catchphrase: "These are my first new pair of skates in 20 years. I can’t wait to take these out!"

3. The person who decided to buy a car

You didn't think they'd actually do it, but now this New Yorker spends more time complaining about alternate side parking than actually driving the car they spend so much on every month. We get it—it's nice to have freedom from public transportation, but at what cost? At least they can help you move now?
Catchphrase: "Oh shit! I have to move my car."

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