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Ariana and the Rose
Photograph: Jason Leavy

This Brooklyn-based TikToker just released a music video ode to NYC

Ariana and the Rose’s new song features interviews with real New Yorkers.

Shaye Weaver
Written by
Shaye Weaver

New York City is hella resilient. For two years, the city and her residents fought hard to survive, and now there’s much to celebrate about it. That’s what Ariana Di Lorenzo (aka Ariana and the Rose) wants everyone to see in her new music video “If New York Is Dead, Then Bury Me With Her.”

Today, we are helping debut the Brooklyn singer-songwriter’s song.

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Ariana and the Rose found TikTok fame during the pandemic after releasing a video of a piano-assisted spoken word piece, a positive “piano chat” full of affirmation, which gained 8 million views in a week. Since then, she’s released a music video Every Body” with the likes of Amanda Lepore, Kandy Muse, Cakes da Killa, CT Hedden, Ryan Burke, Merlot, Rify Royalty, Rhea Litre, Spencer Ludwig and others at the House of Yes. Then she performed it on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and got more attention for her song “Setting Me Free” after playing it “stripped-down” at Club Cumming.

After debuting her “light + space,” an immersive art party that merges a pop spectacle with interactive theater, sci-fi cinema and late-’80s club culture at Brooklyn’s House of Yes in 2018, Ariana was granted a residency at the venue and then took the show to L.A. and a number of clubs around New York City.

Throughout her work, Ariana is all about reclaiming that which some try to take away from others—power, self-worth, freedom—and the latest release is no different. When negative voices tried to claim NYC was over, she was determined to prove otherwise.

“This song was inspired by all of the chatter people were saying during the pandemic and still are today about New York changing,” she tells us. “You’d hear it on the news or from family members or friends in other cities ‘oh New York isn’t the same,’ ’New York is dead!’ I was born and raised in New York, this city is the embodiment of resilience. It shapes everyone who comes through it. This song is a love letter to my city, my heart, my home.”

Press play below to watch “If New York Is Dead, Then Bury Me With Her.”

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