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Photograph: WoodSpoon

This new app lets you order home-cooked meals from out-of-work chefs

Have someone else cook for you for a change.
Written by
Emma Orlow

There is nothing like the warmth of a home-cooked meal, stripped of any pretense. And while we are cooking at home more than ever, it can be tiring. Now, there’s a way to outsource some of that labor while still experiencing the same comforts. A new app called WoodSpoon has launched allowing you to order home-cooked meals prepared by out-of-work chefs and other folks who may not cooked in a professional kitchen but are nonetheless talented homecooks looking to make a bit of cash right now.

All you have to do is type in your address to see what kind of meals are available in your New York City neighborhood. Upon a cursory search we conducted near us in North Brooklyn, we found diverse offerings: vegan tacos prepared with jackfruit-based chorizo and plantain tacos, served with riced cauliflower with lime, cilantro, roasted jalapeños and a mango tomatillo sauce by home chef Kimberly Hafner; Uzbek dumplings by home chef John Kushkorov; and an Israeli biscuit cake made with layers of tea biscuits, vanilla cream and chocolate ganache by home chef Michal Shamir Bacharach. Other offerings we saw included chocolate chip cookies and pantry staples like fresh pita bread.The prices mostly hover underneath the $20 range with several portions included in an order. There is no order minimum and there are tabs to learn more about the nutritional value of each meal as well as the background and experience of the chefs. 

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WoodSpoon could also be a game changer for chefs of all stripes. While most restaurants are temporarily closed, many have continued offering takeout and delivery in the meantime as they try to stay in business. Still, it's been well-documented how physically demanding it can be to work in a professional kitchen—even before the current crisis. This app allows for cooks to make some dough in a more leisurely setting with a better work-life balance. Check it out for yourself. We’re told you can get 15% off your first three orders with the code Launch2020. But if you're wanting to learn how to up your home cooking yourself? Try taking one of these virtual cooking classes.

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