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Photograph: Courtesy Photo Julius Horsthuis and ARTECHOUSE

This new immersive NYC art show will take you on a journey through fractal dimensions

“Geometric Properties" opens at ARTECHOUSE next month.

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

Over the last year, it’s often felt like reality has fractured. Now, a new exhibition opening in Chelsea’s ARTECHOUSE space will let you actually step into a fractal dimension—though this one is less “I now think of Lysol wipes as a close friend” and more “I’m literally standing in the middle of gigantic trippy kaleidoscope.” 

Geometric Properties: An Immersive Audio-Visual Journey Through Fractal Dimensions,” is the first solo exhibition of Dutch artist Julius Horsthuis’ work to come to NYC. Previously, his work has been featured in Manchester by the Sea and through collaborations with musical artists like ODESZA, Meshuggah and Birds of Paradise. He uses fractals to create alternate science fiction-like realities using visual art and motion graphics, and they are a real trip, to say the least.

“In a time where disease and division characterize our daily reality, I want to show a different existence,” says the artist in a statement. “An eternal reality of healing and harmony. Not in some new-age kind of way, or with another utopic vision detached from humanity, but just by being in awe of endless iterations and multiple dimensions. This might be the perfect time for us to be in awe – to quiet our self-interest and make us realize we’re part of a larger whole.”

The digital art destination on Manhattan’s west side (it’s literally located in Chelsea Market’s former boiler room) is opening the new show on March 1, and it will be on view through September 6. If you want to stop by and check out the endless geometric iterations and fractional dimensions for yourself—you frickin' fractal freak you—tickets cost $24 for adults and $17 for children. (Pro tip: New York and New Jersey residents receive a $5 discount on tickets on weekdays.)

Check out a few more trippy images from the upcoming show below.

Photograph: Courtesy Julius Horsthuis and ARTECHOUSE
Photograph: Courtesy Julius Horsthuis and ARTECHOUSE
Photograph: Courtesy Julius Horsthuis and ARTECHOUSE
Photograph: Courtesy Julius Horsthuis and ARTECHOUSE

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