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Photograph: Blake Marcus for Nushama

This new psychedelic wellness center in NYC is providing ketamine treatments

Nushama administers medically-supervised treatments for a number of ailments.

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

Ketamine: It’s not just for warehouse parties in Bushwick anymore!

While Ketamine may be more commonly known as an animal anesthetic turned party drug, there’s an emerging field dedicated to exploring how the dissociative experience it causes can be used to treat severe depression. Now, one new flashy wellness center on Madison Ave is hoping to bring that treatment to New Yorkers who could benefit from it.

Nushama Psychedelic Wellness Center provides medically supervised treatments for people suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction and trauma-induced mood disorders. Unlike more sterile, clinical settings, the center is drenched in bright colors, florals and greenery.

Nushama is about ‘new beginnings,’ intended to reintroduce people to their own childlike sense of wonder.

Art installations can be found throughout the space of NFTs and custom murals by Jessica Lichtenstein and natural sounds, like water and crickets, can be heard. Overall, the vibe is more “immersive pop-up” than doctor’s office. (Also, we’re assuming you’re probably doing a lot less K with your primary care doctor.) 

Photograph: Courtesy Blake Marcus for Nushama

“Nushama is about ‘new beginnings,’ intended to reintroduce people to their own childlike sense of wonder that people encounter when they have a psychedelic experience, returning to the ‘unconditioned self.’” says Jay Godfrey, Co-Founder of Nushama. “We were inspired by Jessica Lichtenstein’s work, ethereal and apropos of how beautiful and heart-opening a journey can be.”

The feel is carried over into the center's treatment rooms which contain art by Navina Khatib focused on “therapeutic dreamscapes.” Found throughout the space is a couple’s room facing a terrace with two zero-gravity SVAGO chairs, a group therapy room with multi-colored Moon Pods that seat up to eight people and a community kitchen that shows “Moving Art” by Louie Schwartzberg.

Photograph: Courtesy Nushama and Costas Picadas


In case you’re wondering why Ketamine is the main menu item, it’s been authorized for legal use while other psychedelic substances like MDMA, Psilocybin, LSD, DMT and Ibogaine are still in ongoing trials for legalization. In addition to the new flagship, which opened on October 6 at 515 Madison Ave, Nushama also currently operates centers at 1111 Park Avenue and 7401 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn.

Before you pay a visit for a trippy treatment, however, you’ll probably want to double check your insurance situation. Some health insurances cover ketamine infusions if there’s a dual diagnosis of a pain condition, but insurance will not cover it for off-label uses like depression, PTSD and addiction. Nushama is currently offering financing plans for out-of-pocket cases which will set you back a "high" $4,000 for seven sessions.

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