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Watch a stunning high definition video showing Manhattan in the 1930s

The New York City skyline was so different back then.

Shaye Weaver

There's an amazing video that's making the rounds that transports you back in time to New York City in the 1930s. 

The film features stunning views of the city's waterfront from a boat going down the Hudson River, passing by Battery Park, where the Dutch had their first settlement in New Amsterdam, Clinton Castle, which was the home of the New York Aquarium until 1941, Battery Park, the Staten Island Ferry, different boat slips, a New York State Canal building and more. 

It's truly a sight to behold since the city's skyline has changed so much in the decades since then.

The original film, which came from the Prelinger Archive, was in black and white. The YouTube channel, Rick88888888, has been colorized, motion stabilized and speed corrected by video software, which means it's clearer than ever before.

The channel specializes in restoring film from before World War II so people can learn from and enjoy it. Before, the sped-up and dark film was hard to watch. Now that they're slowed down and cleared up, it's easy to imagine what life was like back then since it looks how we see our world.

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