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We tried Big Gay Ice Cream’s Cheetos-dipped soft serve

Written by
Jake Cohen

You’re probably thinking it’s a weird (and possibly disgusting) choice to put Cheetos on an ice cream cone. But there’s a good reason why Big Gay Ice Cream is doing just that: It’s fucking delicious.

Launching on President’s Day (hint, hint), the popular Cheat-Oh's flavor of cheese soft serve dipped in crushed Cheetos is making its return this summer, popping up as a special on and off through August. I was extremely skeptical when the fluorescent creation began appearing on my social channels, so I had to give a cone a try to see if it was worth ordering in lieu of the classic Salty Pimp cone.

Let’s start with the soft serve itself. Cheese-flavored ice cream sounds rather off-putting and doesn’t give you a great deal of perspective into what you should expect. By infusing dehydrated cheese into the ice cream base, you get a rich and creamy flavor with a hint of sharpness balanced by its sweetness. If you’re still grossed out by the idea, remember that it’s not unusual for cheese to venture into sugary realms. From the more mild cheese blintzes and cheesecakes to the stronger flavors of sharp cheddar in the occasional apple pie or blocks of gjetost (caramelized goat’s milk cheese) that you’ll find at Ikea or Fairway, cheese in dessert is completely fair game.

As for the crushed Cheetos coating your swirl? They round out the experience with some texture and salt, firing all the pleasure signals in your brain as if you were chowing down on a fast food feast. It’s cold, crunchy, creamy, salty, sweet and fatty, checking off all the boxes of a perfect summer treat. And if you’re still not sold, this cone will help you avoid those dreaded Cheetos fingers. Just sayin'!

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