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We tried french fry ice cream and all the other weird flavors at the new Morgenstern’s

Written by
Jake Cohen

Popular scoop shop Morgenstern's has just opened a Soho flagship that’s bigger (and arguably better) than its original spot on the Lower East Side. So you can bet we showed up immediately to obnoxiously taste as many of their whopping 88 flavors as we could before getting scolded by other patrons.

While their variations on classic vanilla (Madagascar, Bourbon, Burnt Honey, French, etc.) and chocolate (Salted, Bitter, Szechuan, etc.) still show you the spectrum of how varied these standard flavors can be, a few new options grace the menu that will definitely peak your interest. Under the the miscellaneous section, you’ll find two especially unique offerings: french fry ice cream and bread ice cream.

The peculiar flavors are just as mind boggling as you would expect. While we may dip our french fries into our milkshake, having them as an ice cream flavor just wasn’t for us. It did indeed taste like french fries, balancing the creamy scoop with the salty, starchy notes of deep-fried potato. While the fry-flavored ice cream didn’t win us over, we’re all about the bread flavor. Complex in taste with rich notes of toasted bread, it was as unusual as it was lovely.

Just for kicks, we threw a scoop of the durian-banana flavor in the mix. Durian, a tropical fruit with an extremely pungent aroma, can be quite polarizing. The silky texture from the banana paired with the floral sweetness from the durian making for an addictively fruity cup of ice cream.

Whether you stick to the classics or venture into more adventurous flavor territory, a trip to the new Morgenstern’s flagship is worth it to get the full scoop.

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