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Black Seed Pizza pepperoni
Photograph: Shay Harrington | Black Seed Pizza's Pepperoni Pie

You can now order pizza from NYC's Black Seed Bagels

The bagel company is venturing into the world of pizza.

Shaye Weaver

Having secured their place among the top bagel shops in NYC, Black Seed Bagels is now venturing into making another iconic food—pizza.

Black Seed Pizza, a culinary collab with chef Bobby Hellen (formerly of GG's), launched on February 11 at Black Seed’s East Village location (176 First Avenue) with five different Sicilian-style pan pizzas: cheese, tomato, and white, alongside signature pies including a Green Pie and Bob’s Pie.

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Pizzas are available in two sizes: square (12” x 12”, which feeds two to three people) for $21-28 and round (9” diameter, which feeds one person) for $12-15 . The organic Hudson Valley dough, which is also offered in a gluten-free option, made with 100-year-old sourdough starter is fermented for 36 hours before it's baked. The sauce comes from organic Bianco DiNapoli San Marzano-style tomatoes from California. All of it is baked in a wood-fired oven.

Black Seed Pizza
Photograph: Shay Harrington | Black Seed Pizza's Green Pie

You can customize your order with pepperoni, sopressata, anchovies, castelvetrano olives, artichoke pesto, chimichurri, chili crunch, garlic, red onion, banana peppers, and pickled peppers. For those who have a dairy allergy, Black Seed offers a plant-based cheese (called Numu) substitute. Add-ons include antipasto salad on bibb lettuce with homemade Italian dressing and everything-spiced cheesy bread with tomato dipping sauce.

Black Seed Pizza isn't a temporary pop-up—it's a permanent offering that will be its own standalone business with plans to expand to more Black Seed locations, according to the Black Seed crew. It's a plan that's been in the works for years and just came together with help from chef Hellen.

"We have been talking about utilizing our ovens to bake pizza for years; in fact, they are actually ovens designed for pizza that we repurpose to bake bagels," said Matt Kliegman, one of the Black Seed co-founders. "We had an opening in our baking schedule at our East Village location and thought it would be fun to collaborate with Bobby, while making more use of our oven and shop."

Black Seed Pizza
Photograph: Shay Harrington | Black Seed Pizza's cheesy bread

Hellen left GG's in 2017 and has been consulting for restaurants but also managing the offerings at Otto's Market upstate in Germantown, where Black Seed's co-founder Noah Bernamoff is also a partner.

You can order pizza in advance (for pickup) at 176 First Avenue or get delivery through its own ordering site, which covers a wide area from 48th Street to the north, all the way south to Brooklyn Bridge/Canal Street. It will also be on DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats. It'll only be available in the evenings, Sunday-Thursday from 4-10pm and Friday and Saturday from 4-11pm. 

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