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Courtesy CC/Flickr/T. Arai/University of Tokyo

You'll be able to see a NASA rocket launch from NYC on Thursday morning

By David Goldberg

I wish I were writing a blog post about where in NYC you can spot the Leonids meteor shower on Saturday, or just see any star in the sky, but we live in a delightfully bleak urban hellscape, dear readers, and sometimes the only lights in the sky are man-made. If you're down to see something artificial get hurled through space, we've got good news: NASA is launching a rocket from Wallops Island, Virginia, which you'll be able to see early Thursday AM, Accuweather reports

The Antares rocket will blast up and launch the Cygnus ship into the sky, which is set to take supplies to the International Space Station at 4:49am. No passengers will be aboard the Cygnus, just food, supplies and a handy 3D printer that can process recycled plastic waste.

Though the station completes a rotation of the earth every 90 minutes, and experiences sixteen sunrises and sunsets daily, it may be visible to eyes in the Mid-Atlantic as the ship touches base. We have now exceeded my understanding of science. But, you can see the rocket go off. Just look south when it's go time and you should be able to see "a solid orange light moving across the sky." It's not much, I know, but at least we have fun. 


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