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Quiz: What kind of bruncher are you?

Our team of highly trained brunchologists delves deep into your eggy soul

Weekend in the city can mean only one thing: brunch, mofos! But not everyone does New York’s most divisive meal the same way. Take our quiz to find out your brunch persona. (We’ll just be over here eating a waffle.)
1. Hey, congrats—it's brunch time! How do you feel?
2. What will you wear?
3. In a few words, describe brunch:
4. You've arrived at brunch and there's a two-hour wait. Your reaction?
5. You're finally in! What do you order?
6. Your dream brunch spot…
7. Pick a brunch beverage:
8. If you could have brunch with any person, living or dead, who would it be?
9. Pick a song:
10. Your signature brunch move is:
11. Brunch is finally over. Now what?

The brunch Nazi

You are a brunch Nazi. Brunch is less about the experience and more about showing off: You know where to go, what to order and what places are so over. You’re not afraid to share the wealth of your knowledge (“You’re ordering that?”), even if nobody asked. Not surprisingly, brunch invitations are few and far between for you unless you’re organizing (and you’re always organizing).

The brunch pro

You're the brunch pro. An eternal optimist, brunch is totally your jam (and yay, you love jam!). You know what the ideal brunch order looks like—eggs, side of bacon, pancakes for the table, a multiplicity of beverages (water, coffee, mimosa)—and have friends at loads of restaurants in every borough. People like having you at their table, although friends have considered a brunchtervention.

The boozy bruncher

You, my friend, are the boozy bruncher. For you it doesn’t matter where you go as long as the drinks are flowing. Brunch is an opportunity to partake of morning cocktails without those condescending stares you get whenever you whip out a flask on the subway. (People are so judgy.) Life’s a party when you’re around (or the sad aftermath of one), and you can always be counted on to rally (eventually) if it means sneaking in a brewski before the day’s real drinking begins.

The no-fun bruncher

You’re the no-fun bruncher. You go to brunch only because your friends make you. Perpetually wary of butter-happy chefs, brunch provokes so much anxiety and obsessive-compulsion, it hardly seems worth it. You’re jealous of other people who seem unperturbed by the massive amount of calories they’re consuming. Very occasionally, the stars align and you can be counted on for a bonkers off-the-wagon brunch binge—but will probably require an extra session with your therapist that week to deal with it.

The “doesn’t really get brunch” bruncher

You’re the “doesn’t really get brunch” bruncher. To you, brunch seems to be a twee concoction for people too bored or boring to realize they’re really just eating breakfast. Or lunch. Either way, brunch is dumb. You’re happy to go along if you can get a delicious meal, but the culture of brunch, to you, seems a lame construction. You’re the guy who orders the least brunchy thing on the menu (who wants the salade Niçoise? This guy) because you don’t get why brunch automatically equals putting whipped cream on everything.

The Hypester

Possibly the most modern bruncher of them all, you’re the Hypester. More interested in documenting brunch than actually enjoying it, you check in on Foursquare as soon as you arrive, pick what you’re ordering based on what will photograph best on Instagram and make sure to live-tweet your brunch to all your loyal followers. Because you spend most of the meal buried in your phone, you don’t realize how much your friends hate you. Ignorance is bliss for you, friend.

Best brunch in NYC

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