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  1. Photograph: Jessica Lin
    Photograph: Jessica Lin

    You've geared up for fall with grown-up lunchboxes and accessories—now it’s time to kit out your cubicle with the ultimate at-work larder. Keep pantry essentials like salts, spices and sauces on hand to add zip to everyday lunches and snacks. The workday might be boring, but your office eats won’t be.

  2. Lee Kum Kee sriracha chili sauce

    Can’t get enough of the Asian-inflected condiment? Tuck away some of these convenient, travel-sized packets. Available at 11¢ each.

  3. Jacobsen Salt Co.

    Hand-harvested using pure salt crystals straight from Oregon waters, this clean chef’s favorite boasts a bright minerality and a Maldon-like crunch. Available at 4oz bag $12, slide tin (four-pack) $14.

  4. Bacchanal pepper sauce

    Scotch bonnets and habanero chilies add rip-roaring heat to this Caribbean-style, Brooklyn-made hot sauce, while tropical ingredients (like tamarind, lime and ginger) smooth it out. Available at By Brooklyn, 261 Smith St between DeGraw and Douglass Sts, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn (718-643-0606, 5oz bottle $12.

  5. Kiosk seven-pepper spice

    A Japanese izakaya staple, this flavor-boosting mix contains black pepper, ginger, hemp seed, red pepper, roasted orange peel, sansho and shiso. Use it to amp up soups or proteins. Available at Kiosk, 95 Spring St between Broadway and Mercer St (212-226-8601, $12.

  6. Brass claw bottle opener

    Pry off Pellegrino caps—or something harder if you’re having a rough day—with this funky bird’s-claw bottle opener. The hefty brass lever can also moonlight as a paperweight. Available at A&G Merch, 111 North 6th St at Berry St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-388-1779, $19.

Desk-drawer pantry: Spices, salts and sauces to keep at work

Stock up on shelf-stable essentials for the definitive gourmand work larder—you’ll never have a bland office lunch again thanks to this desk-drawer pantry.

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